Upcoming Workshop – RNA-Seq Primer

rna-seqDana-Farber Cancer Institute

Time:  8:30AM-12:30, Thursday, January 12, 2015

Location:  CLSB 11081A, 3 Blackfan Cir, Boston, MA 02115

RNA-Seq is emerging as a tool to study transcriptome changes through next-generation sequencing (NGS).  Direct sequencing of cDNA or RNA offers greater resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range for gene expression over microarray technology. Large selections of sample preparation methods are also available for RNA-Seq to generate data for questions that are previously difficult to address.  This short RNA-Seq workshop will introduce next-generation sequencing technology for RNA-Seq experiments, basic experimental design, and analytical challenges to process the data.   This short four-hour workshop is intended as a primer for researchers interested in adapting RNA-Seq technology for their research.  The primary goals will be enabling participants to have the basic knowledge to plan simple RNA-Seq experiments and to understand the limitations of the data and subsequent analysis.    Please note that this workshop will be lecture only with focus on the following topics:

  • RNA-Seq Technology Basics and Work Flow
  • RNA-Seq Data Quality Control
  • RNA-Seq Quantification and Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Basic RNA-Seq Experimental Design and Considerations

This course is intended for audience with limited background in working with NGS technology.

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