Using REDItools to Detect RNA Editing Events in NGS Datasets

RNA editing is a post-transcriptional/co-transcriptional molecular phenomenon whereby a genetic message is modified from the corresponding DNA template by means of substitutions, insertions, and/or deletions. It occurs in a variety of organisms and different cellular locations through evolutionally and biochemically unrelated proteins. RNA editing has a plethora of biological effects including the modulation of alternative splicing and fine-tuning of gene expression. RNA editing events by base substitutions can be detected on a genomic scale by NGS technologies through the REDItools package, an ad hoc suite of Python scripts to study RNA editing using RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq data or RNA-Seq data alone. REDItools implement effective filters to minimize biases due to sequencing errors, mapping errors, and SNPs.

Availability –  The package is freely available at:

Picardi E, D’Erchia AM, Montalvo A, Pesole G. (2015) Using REDItools to Detect RNA Editing Events in NGS Datasets. Curr Protoc Bioinformatics 49:12.12.1-12.12.15. [abstract]

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