Upcoming Webinar – Exploring the Frontiers of Cancer Genomics with NGS


We hope you join Biocompare at their upcoming webinar on August 24 at 11 am ET, titled “Exploring the Frontiers of Cancer Genomics with NGS.”

Our panelists will dive into cutting-edge research on topics like innovative cancer therapies to advanced single-cell profiling techniques. You’ll also learn about key methods and strategies to gain practical insights for your own cancer research.

Topics covered include:

  • Genomic guidance in cancer research, including design and analysis
  • Exploring chromatin and transcription factors in breast cancer
  • Investigating treatment resistance in MDS
  • Using single-cell multi-omic profiling for insights into liposarcoma

The panelists will be available for questions after the presentations, and attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. Registration is free. To register, please complete this form.

We hope to see you there!

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